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  • Give it Your Best Shot • Re: Long Exposures September 25, 2016
    A cracking picture, Doc. How did you calculate exposure?Statistics: Posted by Birma — Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:30 pm
  • Give it Your Best Shot • Loch Duich September 25, 2016
    A photo, taken last year, but only processed recently. Dawn light over Loch Duich in NW Scotland. A fabulously photogenic area. Just down the road from Eilean Donan castle and the Isle of Skye one way, and the Five Sisters of Kintail and Glen Shiel the other way. 2015 Skye Easter - Dawn Across Loch […]
  • Give it Your Best Shot • Re: Long Exposures September 25, 2016
    Or maybe this one will urge you all to post your long exposure shots...a99 + Sig 35/1.4 Art + Manfrotto Befree25 sec. f/9 ISO 100Vedi Cellar by Dr. Harout Tanielian, on FlickrStatistics: Posted by Dr. Harout — Sun Sep 25, 2016 7:43 pm
    Dr. Harout
  • Give it Your Best Shot • Re: Long Exposures September 25, 2016
    An old shot from Rodos, Greecea99 + 28-75/2.8 SAM + Manfrotto BefreeRodos by Dr. Harout Tanielian, on FlickrStatistics: Posted by Dr. Harout — Sun Sep 25, 2016 7:39 pm
    Dr. Harout
  • Sony Alpha 100-900 • Re: A99 11 September 25, 2016
    bfitzgerald wrote:No app on the Windows store from Sony so that won't be much use to me. The reason I have a windows phone is they are one of the few makers that have a decent camera in the phone! I've tried plenty out there too.M2 Sony Camera Remote (https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9wzdncrdg75pI have it installed on my […]

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Sony announcement August 14th

SONY UK has notified us of a press conference to announce an ‘exciting digital camera’ on August 14th.

They have also said that full details will be provided soon. It is possible this will be embargoed – we may attend a meeting on the 14th, but have to agree not to publish until a date later on, perhaps in September.

Update: it seems there is an international Sony Alpha press trip on Sept 9/10th to Edinburgh. Members of the Euro technical press have been invited, as a two-dayer with a stack of nightlife (the Festival and Fringe have just kicked into action today) it is an ideal location for putting the Alpha 900 and new 16-35mm and 70-400mm into the hands of journos. But it’s one week after the Sept 2nd close of the Festival itself, with the fireworks display. The Fringe is still running.

It seems very unlikely that the Aug 14th conference would be the long-awaited Alpha 900 launch since it is only a single day, or part of a day, and would not take place so long before an apparent pre-photokina pan-European press event. Judging by previous launches – Alpha 100, 2-day event in Morocco June 5-7th 2006; Alpha 700 2-day event on Lake Como Italy end of 1st week in September 2007; my guess is that the Edinburgh event is the big hands-on opportunity for the flagship full frame DSLR almost one year to the day after the launch of the 700. A very busy year, too, during which Sony has launched three other DSLR bodies and several important lenses.

Well, Edinburgh’s 45 minutes from my door and even if I am surplus to the tightly controlled A-list of such events I may be able to drop in and join them for a drink, as there’s one or two folk going I would like to say hello to. But then, Edinburgh is an airport! Just because the press gets to land there does not mean the city is where they are headed. I’ve been to big press events at Gleneagles (Kodak) and even in the middle of the Berwickshire countryside (Canon) in the past. It could be anywhere in Scotland – and some places in Scotland are not on our doorstep!

It costs me over one working day and around £200 to get to a London event (I’d rather by invited to almost anywhere in Europe than London in summer…) but whatever goes, the September date is an essential launch I am sure, and not just another Cybershot across the bows of the enemy!

– DK

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