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  • Digital Workflow and PP • Re: DeHaze filter in LR and PS Cloud August 30, 2015
    I haven't used it yet but I understand it was in the last update.It will be good to try on some of my shots from Japan last year which suffered from extreme haze. I did play about a lot with the contrast and saturation but I struggled to keep the colours true.MikeStatistics: Posted by mikeriach […]
  • Digital Workflow and PP • Re: DeHaze filter in LR and PS Cloud August 30, 2015
    Interesting. Did you do additional PP? I notice that the colors, especially the sky color, have changed quite a lot.I am still using LR 5.7 so I don't have this function.Statistics: Posted by bakubo — Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:19 am
  • Alpha NEX system • Re: RX100 replacement options August 30, 2015
    DxO have produced a raw lens profile for the M3, but not yet for the M4Statistics: Posted by artHarris — Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:29 am
  • Digital Workflow and PP • DeHaze filter in LR and PS Cloud August 30, 2015
    Not sure when this filter was added to Adobe PS Cloud RAW and Lightroom Cloud in the Effects area. I pulled out some images from 2010 I struggled with at the time because of - Haze. I attach a before and after picture with the haze removed. Amazing. If you don't know about it and […]
  • Alpha NEX system • Re: RX100 replacement options August 30, 2015
    Like artHarris I finally resolved to end my wait. Frankly I never even looked seriously at alternatives to the RX100M3. Like Artington I found the M4 price too steep and did not need the improvements over M3. I finally purchased a new M3 from Great Western Cameras using the Sony £50 cash back.Needless to say […]

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Sony Photokina Press conference video – in full

We filmed the entire Sony press conference at photokina. It is split into three sections about 7 minutes each. During filming using the NEX-5, the camera at one point started to show an overheat warning. At this point I should have moved the articulated screen away from the camera body, but did not want to interrupt a very important moment – the announcement of the A7xx. And that’s when it cut out, taking maybe 10-15 seconds for me to move the rear screen, wait a moment, and restart.

Here are the videos. They are all at 720p quality and uses the internal mic, not the add-on mic, as I was ‘travelling light’ for this conference.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

1 comment to Sony Photokina Press conference video – in full

  • LEdgars

    I’m surprised by Sony announcement to open E-mount for third party adapter companies. LL found A-mount lens AF on NEX as slow. May be some independent maker did AF faster e.g. with Nikkor or Canon.