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November 2010
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HD videocast – NEX adaptors and odd lenses

I’ve finally got round to trying a ‘proper’ videocast – perhaps the first of regular short demonstrations – with the Alpha 55 offering me HD filming while demonstrating the NEX-5. And I can use the NEX-5 to film stuff about the Alpha 55. A Canon 60D helped, though its inability to refocus during filming (which the NEX-5 and Alpha 55 can do) proved a small problem. The sound from the Canon was used, mainly because it had been set with a manual level, while the Sony was using an external condensor mic that pickup up some serious interference from the lights.

The lighting is nothing more than one 30W daylight colour energy saver and one 20W – using an angle desk lamp from IKEA and a spare table lamp. The background is a Calumet (Lastolite in disguise) canvas. To do the filming, I ran a 7 inch Lilliput monitor from the HDMI output of the Alpha 55, and mounted it facing me on a bar right next to the camera. The Canon was set up as a second camera and left running from that position. Editing, including cutting and pasting the soundtrack and parts of the Canon video, was in iMovie 11.

This is a full 1080p HD YouTube film – if you can view it (bandwidth is an issue) try the higher resolutions. The Alpha 55 consistently overheated at around 7 minutes, showing me a temperature warning then shutting off. The room was not warm and the camera screen was both not active, and moved away from the camera back. My first attempt at this film was spoiled by the overheating issue, perhaps because SSS was left on in error. However, on a tripod SSS is not active to any extent when shooting video (it does not have the same problems of creating blur, which happen with still images due to the way mirror or shutter vibration are reflected by the tripod). Previous time limited movies I’ve made have been hand held and of course SSS is both used and expected to be very active.

– David Kilpatrick

11 comments to HD videocast – NEX adaptors and odd lenses

  • rivetr

    Hi, David:
    Early in the NEX Saga, you mused about various NEX-lens pairing…about that time, I remember reading somewhere that the Pentax 110 system lenses might–or might not–“work” on a NEX camera. Have you tested the Pentax 110s on a NEX body?

    • admin

      No luck! However, I have heard of people getting hold of the 110 lenses and using them. It is known to be possible. I just have never seen any 110 lenses for sale at a low price to make it worth trying. Of course full coverage would not be expected at infinity focus.


  • admin

    Maybe just gently clean the contacts on the lens, sounds as if you are not using an adaptor, just the lens. It could be that the contacts have got dirty.

  • kor d

    when i try to take a shot it says,cannot recognize the lens. attach it properly..i use original F3.5-5.6 , 18-55mm,but i did attach it properly..but still not working..i dont know what to do with this camera..i just bought it last month 10.10.10..its happen 5 times include this..

    sorry for my english..

  • kor d

    hi lense cannot attach properly.. MF Assist.. this is my 1st camera..thank you..

  • izash

    Thank you David!


  • izash

    Hi David,

    I’m thinking of buying a Lilliput 669 7″ LCD monitor to use as a viewfinder with my Sony NEX-5.

    Does it work well?



    • admin

      Yes, very well. Takes over the camera output immediately and very good sharp correctly proportioned image.


  • admin

    I’m not sure the SSS was responsible for noise. First of all, the noise did not happen with the mic next to the camera, it only happened with 3ft of cable between the mic and the camera – the mic was close to the main light. So I replaced the sound entirely with the sound from the Canon 60D, which had no background noise, but was right over the table top and pickup up every sound from the items being placed on the table rather too clearly.

  • stratokaster

    David, thank you for a great videocast. But I think you should have turned SSS off – it will solve your camera overheating problem and also get rid of that nasty scratching background sound.