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  • Sony Alpha 100-900 • Re: Over warm pictures October 27, 2016
    Whew! CC, when I first saw this title, I thought you cache of old photographs had caught on fire! ;->DustyStatistics: Posted by Dusty — Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:58 pm
  • Give it Your Best Shot • A Few Candids October 27, 2016
    The wife's niece recently got engaged and she wanted an outdoor shoot of her, her fiancee, and her son. Taken with the a99 and the 135mm ZA.and with the 85mm ZAStatistics: Posted by jbtaylor — Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:02 pm
  • Sony Alpha 100-900 • Over warm pictures October 27, 2016
    Although this is a few years old the Phoblographer review site when reviewing, I think it was Chris Gambat, the Sony A37 said he didn't like the over warm pictures, but after a couple of days playing with the menu, he found deep in side the menu an adjustment that he unlocked, He said the […]
  • Sony Alpha 100-900 • Re: Future of A mount October 27, 2016
    Sony is a big enough company to be able to weather this trend away from hardware cameras in favor of smartphones.There will always be serious photographers and they will always need serious gear. Sony plans to be there to capitalize on that market.Statistics: Posted by CHOLLY — Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:23 pm
  • Sony Alpha 100-900 • Re: Future of A mount October 27, 2016
    Just a thought, but let all A Mount cameras revert back to Minolta logo and Sony stick with all the E mount stuff. Apparently Minolta or at least their old staff are still on Sony's books as a consultant designers. Yes, there has been a succession of models since the A100 some OK but quite […]

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Nikon to sell direct to consumer in Europe

Following the lead of Sony Style – the direct selling mechanism which allows Sony to retail direct to on-line customers – Nikon is to roll out a brand new on-line dealing platform, with a channel for retailers ordering Nikon gear but also a direct shop for consumers.

The company has signed a deal with hybris, a supplier of multichannel vendor software, to install hybris Multichannel Commerce Suite for Nikon Europe (www.europe-nikon.com).

Nikon made the following statements through a press release issued by hybris (www.hybris.com)

Laurent Christen, Head of Direct Sales at Nikon Europe, explained, “This is our first official pan-European-driven direct sales initiative. It’s a strategic tenet of Nikon’s commercial strategy that enables our loyal dealers to purchase Nikon gear online, provides our assortment of imaging products directly to consumers across the Continent, and supports better our nationally based distributors. This is a truly multichannel scheme – not only does it underpin our online B2C and B2B businesses, it also includes sales over the phone and our internal Nikon store which provides merchandising and PoS materials to our multiple European geographies.  For a multichannel program on this scale, hybris was the ideal technology partner for us to help facilitate this.”

‘Nikon DealerNet’ provides dealers across Europe with their own personal B2B purchasing solution fully equipped with critical product and personal pricing information in real-time. In addition to the eCommerce solution, ‘Nikon DealerNet’ also offers dealers a new streamlined ordering process and enables them to see and manage orders, track shipments and invoices. The ‘Nikon Store’ is a series of online stores for consumers enabling them to purchase Nikon’s high quality imaging and sport optics equipment directly from the Company.  Working in fair alignment with Nikon’s commitment to its business partners, these stores offer a response to consumers seeking direct interaction with the Nikon brand.  It provides an additional choice for consumers to order their favorite gear, accessories, software or merchandise products.

Nikon has also confirmed, today, that the company will be at Focus on Imaging and will for the first time concentrate entirely on professional equipment, showcasing the D4 and D800 and new lenses. Focus has previously been seen as a 50/50 consumer and pro show.



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