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September 2012
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Photokina new matte box, 55-300mm

Made by Sony according to girl on photokina stand after asking bloke. But closer examination matte box/rig says Genius as the maker so pretty sure it’s third party. Similar shown on other cameras.

55-300mm SAM DT.

We were allowed to take test shots briefly with the Alpha 99 and 28-75mm SAM lens. The camera is just a little bigger than the A77 but feels much the same. The viewfinder seems slightly improved, maybe it’s just the optics used and not the OLED display – coatings or details of the assembly.

This is an ISO6400 in-camera JPEG, click it for full size. Shots with face out of focus look awful, the noise/NR on skin tones is not as good as on the dress made of flowers. Colour is excellent under tungsten with AWB, as usual.

Here’s an ISO 25600 image, same in-camera output. Not bad at all considering the ISO. In both cases, you can click on the image to get a full size version (5-6MB).

This is a 100% crop (click for full size) slightly overexposed, at iSO 400. The A99 showed a green face recognition square in this case, and focused at full f/2.8 aperture of the 28-75mm lens – sharp image core, but lots of softness glowing round it. Exposure was too generous for the dress, so I’ve cropped that out and just taken an 1800 pixel wide detail to show the quality at 400.

We were able to handle the RX1, it’s wonderfully smoothly engineered and feels great, but no pictures were allowed. They have no pre-production models able to produce an image they are happy to share. We saw a thumbrest which slots into the hot shoe (below the optical finder only, improves ergonomics; and an EVF for the RX1 –

Apart from that there was a great launch from Panasonic for a GH3 capable of 78Mbps video, waterproof, dustproof, magnesium body, new X-series lenses f/2.8 constant 24-70mm and 70-200mm equivalents; a funky new XF camera from Fuji which might appear a bit retro-consumer but actually is good to hold and use; and Samsung’s quite amazing Galaxy Camera, which has the biggest rear screen (and one of the best) ever seen plus a 21X zoom but won’t make phone calls. Yet…



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