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  • Alpha NEX system • Re: trade in the 57 for an A6000 February 14, 2016
    Peter, mostly general and landscapes, including vintage vehicles shows and such like where I do need a sharp lens, No sports or fast moving subjects or video. I am concerned that the 24mp A6000 needs a high quality optic to get the best out of the sensor but that may be prohibitive price wise, I […]
  • Digital non-SLR • Re: Dentist still uses KM A200 February 14, 2016
    alphaomega wrote:Have NEX-6 and A58 as back-up.Do you ever used your NEX 6 with old, adapted MF lenses? These days adapted lenses are popular and there are tons of old 35mm lenses out there. I see them all the time at shops in Japan and often the price is very low. I have 3 old […]
  • Aster's Photo Challenge • Re: Challenge #59:"Brotherhood /Sisterhood"- Evaluations / Winner Announcement February 14, 2016
    .Thank you, Henry and Jeff ! Very humbling, these comments that you made. And Henry, maybe....to answer your other tiny inquiry. The photos you submitted are vivid inspirations that tell the story of humans in the act of surviving the only ways they know how, and not much has changed since the beginning of our […]
  • Digital non-SLR • Re: Dentist still uses KM A200 February 14, 2016
    Yes, we get carried away by all the new stuff being released at increasing speed. For my main use - Alamy - My old A700 would still do the job as would my A350/550 and 580 as well as NEX-5 (all sold). Determined now to cease buying more cameras as my RX100M3 and A6000 satisfies […]
  • Alpha NEX system • Re: trade in the 57 for an A6000 February 14, 2016
    I bought an A6000 in the autumn utilizing the Sony £50 cash back offer. I have the 16-50 pancake used on my NEX-6. I was wondering how this lens would perform on a 24Mp sensor, but I have been pleased with the results. I have also been surprised at how well my 10-18 and 55-210 […]

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Cameradiner NEX VG-900E video review

Paul Genge, former Konica Minolta and Sony technical expert, presents a half hour from his new Cameradiner studio reviewing the full-frame HD video NEX E-mount camcorder, the VG-900E. . . . → Read More: Cameradiner NEX VG-900E video review