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    bakubo wrote:Carl Garrard (some may know him or remember him) wrote about the A-mount today.Sony A-Mount: Single Lens Translucent is Still Relevant// always wanted to be a Sony prophet.A-mount is dead. Or almost dead. The last A-mount camera is the A99II inroduced in 2016. A99 was introduced in 2012 and the A900 in 2008. So […]
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WEX add 10% off all Sony E-mount lenses

With large UK cashback offers running at the moment – example, if you buy separate A6500 and 16-70mm lenses you get £150 off the body, £80 off the lens – UK retailer WEX, one of our affiliate partners for Photoclubalpha, has added 10% off all E-mount lenses up to August 10th.

We know the UK cashbacks work as we had our cashback paid into our account just three days after buying the A6500 and 16-70mm this month. The cashbacks are selective and for example you won’t find one on the new 12-24mm f/4 FE or 16-35mm f/2.8 FE, but they still cover many choices of lenses and bodies. The 10% offer covers all Sony E-mount lenses.

For the WEX 10% discount, which they claim is exclusive to them, enter the code EMOUNT10 on any lens purchases from this Photoclubalpha affiliate URL – //

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