Remote shutter release cord for PW

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Remote shutter release cord for PW

Unread postby motor » Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:27 pm

Hello all

I have several pocket wizards (Plussii) and I want to use one to trigger my camera. I purchased a remote shutter release cord that plugs into the commander remote socket on the side of the camera and the other into the pocket wizard itself from ( tem #0094 Shutter Release Cable for Sony DSLR Cameras-attachment below) It works perfect! I can set it at continuous auto focus ( A pain) or manual focus and last night I even triggered the camera with another PW- 2 full stories away shooting through walls and ceilings and another about 200 yards away behind another building. The product works great accept for one little thing. When the cord is attached to the camera it disables everything like the replay function, I can't even adjust the +/- exposure, change ISO or even go into the menu without unplugging the cord from the camera. All I can do is adjust the shutter sheed or F value. Is this normal for every cord or is there another company or cord out there I can get that works and allows the camera to function normal with the PW. It was explained to me that the cord is setup to act as a first stage trigger which is making the camera think that the shutter is pressed 1/2 way down. I have a hardwire shutter release that when it plugs in it allows the camera to work. I don't think PW has any cords that fit sony only Nikon and Cannon so I must go third party I guess. Anyone have any experience making the PW into a trigger and is using a cord that still allows the camera to be abled and fully functional? The product works fine but if I want to use the camera to shoot night shots and want to make adjustment or even replay the image I have to unplug it every time and I am afraid after a while I am going to bend a pin, break or do more harm than not. I have at least 2 with me all the time for many times I like to flash paint or highlight objects to create a cool light effect and many times I am shooting for 3-6 seconds 100 or even 300 feet away. It would just be nice to be able to use the PW for the distance especially. Just wondering if anyone uses the PW as a trigger for the camera and how they are doing it and if it works the same way as the flashzebra one.

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