Race Track

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Race Track

Unread postby jbtaylor » Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:37 am

I am prepping for a possible shoot of a lifetime and for that I have to see what the a77ii can do video wise. Fast objects with minimal shake is the task. There is a drag race track not far from my home and I thought it might be a place to give it a go. Well, the video testing was less than optimal and I will have to make a second trip.
I did get some stills though. Tough conditions given the light, proximity to the subjects, and the lens / crop factor issue.

a77ii and Sony 70-200mm

Wrinkle Wall- heated tires tend to wrinkle at take off as the torque is so strong and the track is so sticky.

Go Pro- some participants record their own run. Again, I caught him at take off as noted in the wrinkle in the bottom of the back tire. If memory serves, this guy broke 150mph in the quarter mile.

Wheels Up- again at take off, but this time the front end gets off the ground.

White Balance- interesting contrast in lighting on the inside and outside of the trailer.

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Re: Race Track

Unread postby aster » Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:27 pm


Hi, JBTaylor;

There's a Racing or specialized-automotive-magazine quality to your shots; especially the color warmth or white balance differences as you pointed out already, and definitely a vintage/nostalgic feel. Good atmosphere. I hope you fully enjoy and get the shots that'll be for keeps. :) Hopefully, you'll share the fun!

Thanks for sharing,

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