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Sony World Photography Awards

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:28 am
by bfitzgerald

Re: Sony World Photography Awards

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 11:25 am
by bfitzgerald
I'll bite on this one my quick critique!
Shot 1: I like the subject but all that space above his head, and there is no texture of anything interesting going on there
2: A woman walking across a dried out hard mud field with a blown out sky, doesn't work for me says nothing about the person or place, composition is bland, light it dull I'd have deleted it off the camera! This isn't even a 1/10 shot for me
3: Swimming pool - not the most exciting subject but the shapes are of some interest it's OK not one I would wall hang though
4: Female boxer - Quite like it but I don't dig the shadow on the right
5: Portrait - Head raised a bit high maybe that was the idea though
6: Bride moving up steps with guy holding dress hem. no idea what this one is sort of shot you hit by accident (done it myself) other than holding the dress, showing a bit of leg/shoes I don't see what the appeal is
7: Small tree with painted wall, don't like the central composition not sure the perspective is working
8: Flamingo - bit psychedelic for me
9: B&W portrait - Use the world portrait loosely here someone needs to learn about shutter speed and holding a camera steady. It could work for some wild documentary shot or fast moving dramatic event - it def does not work for this
10: Lipstick - Does nothing for me
11: Congolese community - I took plenty of shots of group events and got too many of people with their backs to the camera, it can only work if there isn't too much taken up with a "back shot" and here it's the main part of the image. I hate back shots I vowed never again to take any!

Re: Sony World Photography Awards

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 11:29 pm
by smulnik

I can't argue with your critique on any of these. #10... I'm pretty sure that's a Slim Jim in a lipstick case. The photo's from a project entitled "Yuck" ??? I'm guessing that the photographer doesn't like Slim Jims? Me... I love 'em! Can't get enough of that beef, pork, mechanically separated chicken, and starter culture. :)