SOLD SOLD - Sony 100 f2.8 A-mount (UK only please)

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SOLD SOLD - Sony 100 f2.8 A-mount (UK only please)

Unread postby mikeriach » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:47 pm

It sold for £269 on eBay. There is still a decent market for A mount glass.

I'm cleaning out the cupboards again and came across the Sony 100 f2.8 macro I bought secondhand from LCE some 5 years ago. I doubt it's been on the camera more than 5 times and is in mint condition complete with caps, hood, box and all packaging and documentation. The glass is spotless, no mould and no dust that I can see.
I'm offering it in the UK only for £250 or near offer including Royal Mail special delivery. On eBay they seem to go between £250 and £300, Ffordes have one for £319.

If anyone is interested please let me know before I put on eBay.

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Some Sony stuff and now some Nikon stuff (shock horror). Sony cannot supply what I want so rightly or wrongly I'm branching out to someone who does.

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