B&H has Lightroom for $69.95 with free shipping - today only

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B&H has Lightroom for $69.95 with free shipping - today only

Unread postby UrsaMajor » Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:30 pm

As the title says . . .

For more information, see:

Lightroom 3 at B&H

If you do decide to purchase this (or anything else) from B&H, be sure to go to the home page of Photoclubalpha and click on the link to B&H that you will find there. That will give this site a commission on the sale.

FWIW, I have also seen a comment on the web that if you call their store, Adorama will match the B&H price. I have no personal knowledge whether or not this is correct.

Please note that this price is advertised as good only on 15 February 2012.
Since B&H are located on the east coast of the US, their time zone is 5 hours behind GMT.

With best wishes,
- Tom -

I have been dealing with B&H for many years. They have an excellent reputation, and my personal experience agrees with that reputation.

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