Minolta 28-135 v Sony 18-70

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Minolta 28-135 v Sony 18-70

Unread postby chorleyjeff » Sat Aug 11, 2007 8:27 pm

I have an Alpha 100 and mostly use a 28-135 Minolta lens. It is sharp and contrasty and appears to have little distortion. But I very much miss having the equivalent of a 28mm on 35mm film and the 28-135 has a minimum focussing distance of about 5 feet (ignoring the fairly useless macro setting at 28mm) which is a pain.
The Sony 18-70 gets OK test write ups.
Question is whether I, or other non professional image maker or photo judge, would be likely to notice a difference in picture quality between the two lenses on prints of 12" x 16" from the whole frame?
Any observations would be welcome please?

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Unread postby rogprov » Sun Aug 12, 2007 5:59 am

I had a 28-135mm but, while appreciating its build and optical qualities, I did not find its weight, focal range on aps or the 1.5 meter nearest focus to my liking. The “macro” only at 28mm I thought pretty useless. Inevitably it spent more time off than on the camera so I sold it.

I’ve managed with the 18-70mm kit lens for those occasions when I don’t want the weight or inconvenience of several lenses – family outings, social occasions and the like. I must say I’ve been very happy with it and results are well beyond its small cost when bought with the body.

Larger prints are very acceptable and, for the purpose they were taken, compare quite well with anything taken with “better” lenses. Naturally this “kit” lens is softer wide open, and there’s more distortion compared with the old 28-135mm, but in the general run of stuff not very noticeably so. Unless, of course, one starts pixel peeping and being hyper-critical. Its certainly much better for general use in size, weight, focal range and close focussing.

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