35mm Prime lens options for the A7.

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Wes Gibbon
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Re: 35mm Prime lens options for the A7.

Unread postby Wes Gibbon » Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:09 pm

They're not cheap. but I think any of the Minolta f2.0 lenses would do justice to your sensor. I am very pleased with the 28mm and 35mm on my A900. Expect to pay up to £300 for each on Ebay, though you may have to wait a few wseeks for one to appear.. The other f2.0 lens is the 100mm which is very highly regarded but there isn't space for it in my bag. The 28mm and 35mm are quite small and light (unlike the Sony/Zeiss 24mm f2.0 which is the size and weight of half a brick!).

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