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Weird Sony zoom grip design!

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:47 am
by bfitzgerald
Used the 18-135mm lens today when zooming I noticed a "crunch" sound with some bulging in the rubber.I removed it and shocker Sony have put a thin piece of plastic around the lens barrel (I assume to cover the holes that are there). Held in place with erm one small piece of adhesive tape.
Result having "very carefully and lightly" using the lens over time - not a lens I use daily at all. But simply just zooming in has meant the plastic has over time cracked.

This plastic has no grip on the barrel despite the texture none, one side is smooth and the rubber grips that. So held in place just with that small bit of tape. A very poor choice.

Other makers seem to just tape over the holes and the rubber then grips the barrel directly. I've never seen any maker use this oddball method. As you use the zoom ring over time it will put tension on the plastic hence the cracking - cracked all over. BTW I would add take very good care of all my stuff. Solution is simple I put electrical tape over the barrel and re-fitted the rubber - I suppose you could just tape the holes individually. It's very firm now and 0 movement, but no doubt will take a bit more time to remove as the tape is glossy and it grips it strongly. I certainly hope their Zeiss stuff doesn't use this plastic strip method.
Side note I've seen quite a few very tatty looking Sony lenses and broken rubbers so perhaps it is an issue, that rubber isn't that easy to break, but if it's not gripping the barrel properly movement might be causing a problem

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