DXO Won't read my A900 ARW

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Re: DXO Won't read my A900 ARW

Unread postby vincenzo » Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:29 pm

Thanks for your post Frank, nice shot. I've also been using the Lightroom Beta 3. I agree its excellent, especially for chroma noise reduction. Its my 2nd favourite to DXO. I wonder if DXO Lightroom plug-in works in Beta 3 Lightroom?
I also use aperture 2, which I find to be faster than lightroom, but less good at noise reduction.
I just updated to latest Photo Mechanic and it enables complete reversal of PM edits to ARW RAW so I am now able to process hose high ISO A900 shots which I think DXO will do a great job on.

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Re: DXO Won't read my A900 ARW

Unread postby Dusty » Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:21 pm

vincenzo wrote:"The only thing Photo Mechanic did was relocate the TIFF table (at offset 4 in the file is an offset to where the TIFF table starts and usually has the value of 8, meaning that the TIFF table starts at offset eight) and add some extra metadata. ...."
Hopefully they can make the small change that would be necessary to follow the offset to the TIFF table, or just ignore it and use the original unaltered TIFF table that starts at offset 8. Either method would solve the problem."

Photo Mechanic is at fault here, NOT DXO! All RAW files are just proprietary TIFFS, and to change the offset of the TIFF table you change it dramatically. There is no reason to change the TIFF table offset, all they have to do is add more meta-data and other info to the file. I wonder if Sony's own software can even read it now.

While I agree that DXO could use more sophisticated methods to read the files, they're looking for a 'raw' RAW to do their work on.

PM should be re-written to leave the TIFF headers alone and just add their meta-data.


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