New IDC version with high ISO fix

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Re: New IDC version with high ISO fix

Unread postby Vidgamer » Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:37 pm

aster wrote:
David Kilpatrick wrote:I think they simply mean the new algorithm does not improve A100 results - possibly because the A100 always used a similar algorithm anyway (sharp grain, not smeared, no big clumps).


I trust your word, David. It may very well be exactly that as you have had a chance to run some tests on some photos but I haven't yet thus having no idea.

The A100 got some 'outcast' treatment in past as to firmware updates so the tendency lingers in my memory I suppose.



Eh? At least the A100 HAD firmware updates!

A100, when processed from RAW with other programs has finer grain, but I always thought IDC was a bit "clumpy". I should have tried a before-and-after, but I got over-anxious and installed the new one, so I'm not sure if it made a difference.

Comparing to UFRaw, I think that UFRaw has a finer grain, but IDC looks really good. OK the noise is "clumpier" than I'd like, but it actually looks pretty good. Turning on NR, you can favor the color NR and turn down the "normal" NR slider, but as Barry said, I think it still has some luma NR going on.

Well, for the A100, I can't tell if it's any better than before, but if you need NR, I thought it was useful before. So, I guess it's still worth using. :?

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