Exporting DxO as DNG to LR3b2

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Exporting DxO as DNG to LR3b2

Unread postby dennismullen » Thu Apr 01, 2010 5:41 pm

Try this for the best of all worlds with high iso pictures. LR3b2 is famous for its color NR which gets rid of splotchy colors. DxO has the time consuming demosaicing that gets a nice fine grain which is better for luminance NR. Set Color NR to 50 and Luminance NR to 0.

Export the DxO file as a DNG and open it in LR3b2. The Color NR in LR3b2 will give the same nice Color NR to the DNG file with the advantages of the DxO demosaicing and Lens Modules.


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