Photoshop moves to the cloud

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Re: Photoshop moves to the cloud

Unread postby Mike-Photos » Thu May 16, 2013 4:22 pm

bakubo wrote:Adobe publicly confirms stand-alone future for Lightroom

Adobe Product Manager Tom Hogarty stressed that Adobe has, 'no plans to make Lightroom subscription-only at any point in the future.' The statement, made in light of the overwhelming response to Adobe's Creative Cloud announcement last week, was made during a Google+ Hangout today in which both Hogarty and Lightroom PM Sharad Mangalick responded to audience questions.

LR was my big concern since I have already spent a year importing 56k photos, adding keywords, star ratings, and thousands of them also have been edited in LR using the non-destructive editor. All that info is in the LR catalog which is useless if LR is disabled because you no longer have the subscription service or don't have internet for an extended period or some other reason. The statement by Adobe, of course, is not ironclad that they will never change LR to the subscription (rental) model, but it is pretty good. I understand that no company or person would leave themselves no wiggle room at all since things change, but I am reasonably satisfied that at least for a long time LR will be okay. I was starting to think I might not upgrade to LR 5 and should once again start investigating alternatives. For now though I feel somewhat relieved.

Personally the change in PS doesn't affect me. I have PSE 9, PS CS2, PSP X, and PWP 3.5. Later versions of PSE for the foreseeable future will probably not be the subscription model either so, if necessary, I can get them. I don't need anything in PS that isn't in LR + PSE so I am okay.

I just don't buy it. What happened to the "single code base" argument that is given as one of the prime motivations for the change?

My prediction is that in a few years, they will split LR CC and LR CS. They may honour their statement for a few more years after that by providing updates for new cameras in LR CS, but LR CC will start getting features that LR CS doesn't. They may also improve workflow / communication between PS CC and LR CC which LR CS won't get. It will become increasingly difficult to resist LR CC, and once the LR CS sales drop off, they will can it.

I also foresee a scaled-back development schedule for the desktop CC suite. With no real competition, and everyone locked into paying a license, why worry about huge earth-shattering upgrades anymore? Instead, their focus will shift to developing software for non-desktop systems, i.e. phones and tablets.

I think we just saw this with Google buying Nik, slashing the price, and selling the software without a serial number. Despite what Nik says, don't look for updates to their desktop software soon. Focus has shifted to mobile devices and software for the masses, so that everyone'c cell phone and tablet can take better photos, or at least so that their software can improve the quality.

It's a changing world, and we are being swept up in the changes.

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Re: Photoshop moves to the cloud

Unread postby NevHi » Sat May 18, 2013 6:49 am

Adobe's Creative Cloud fails at being a cloud
Sync feature suspended by Adobe FOR TWO WEEKS ... d_problem/
By Jack Clark in San Francisco • Posted in Cloud, 17th May 2013 22:19 GMT

The file-syncing part of Adobe's new Creative Cloud family of technologies has been intermittently broken for a week, taking the "cloud" part out of Adobe's "Creative Cloud" redesign of its products. Now Adobe is suspending it "for the next couple of weeks" to make updates....
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Re: Photoshop moves to the cloud

Unread postby Omega892 » Tue May 21, 2013 1:27 pm

Birma wrote:I thought I was bored of these .... but no, it got me again.

Hah! Seen those clips used for so many purposes.

As for Windows 8, being still on XP I looked at Win 7's front end with horror. Heck once being an 'under the bonnet' sort of guy I liked the ability to purge web cache selectively easily with Win 3.1x, and like to be able to see the directory tree. I have gotten used to Win XP, well it was around a long time but one thing that still gets me is the backing up trouble where the disc system is not clever enough, without 3rd party add ons, to write out only those files and directories that have been altered or newly created. Have Microsoft fixed that issue yet? Heck, as long ago as 1992 the UK Acorn 32 bit Archimedes and later RISC PCs could manage that - made backing up and checking a comparatively simple task.

I still have a RISC PC here with two processors a RISC and an Intel for running Win3.11 (on a partition on internal IDE drive) or Win 95 the latter being on an external SCSI HD (I can hot swap this on a cradle mount by dismounting and turning a key) in a combi case shared with a CD-Writer. There is an internal SCSI HD and two external SCSI scanners an A4+ UMAX flatbed and Minolta Scan Speeed, oh and a SyQuest too.

SCSI remember that, of course old Mac users will, but the Mac flavour of SCSI had some technical quirks.

Back then, in 95-98, we had this attitude to Microsoft, hint watch the mouse pointer change over third image down and click through. :lol: :evil:

As for Adobe I have never been that keen about their marketing strategies but then I recall when a roll out of that, in retrospect awful, DisplayWrite would cost an organisation tens of thousands. At one place I worked coding software, we had a price catalogue for many of the leading software programs of the day, that was an eye opener, and waterer at that.
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Re: Photoshop moves to the cloud

Unread postby bfitzgerald » Fri May 24, 2013 7:09 pm

This won't cause me a problem as I use no Adobe software bar Lightroom. I can however see the resistance to "renting software" people just don't like doing it. I might subscribe to Netflix (which is pretty cheap anyway) but for software it just doesn't seem right.
I've said for years that open source software is getting better and better all the time, this might open the doors to alternatives and with a bit more development it might just sink a nail into Adobe's coffin.

PS was always grossly overpriced IMO anyway. LR is fairly priced for proprietary software.
I made the move from MS office years ago, and currently use Libreoffice for everything I do. Free is really unbeatable and in most cases I think that the concept of paying for software is an outdated one.

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