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Cameracraft is our new quarterly magazine for all enthusiasts, keeping a special connection with the Minolta/Sony Alpha systems. We have just printed issue 11, Second Quarter 2015 with a superb portfolio of underwater work by Lawson Wood. Visit our web pages to learn more, or subscribe below..

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  • Give it Your Best Shot • Re: Birds 2015 May 6, 2015
    Hi Pitter;That emerald motmot is absolutely gorgeous.Hi Valery;Good shot of the owlets. They met their first photographer in nature and that gaze is very intent from a youngster. They look so innocent and fluffy. Thanks for sharing,YildizStatistics: Posted by aster — Wed May 06, 2015 9:24 am
  • Give it Your Best Shot • Re: Josie May 6, 2015
    Josie definitely communicates with the camera lens, Almazar80.Thanks for sharing, : )Yildizps. I think I would of combined the last two shots for a different photo take, like: The pose with the plant and the fence in the last shot and her relaxed, contemplating look in the second.Statistics: Posted by aster — Wed May 06, […]
  • DSLR system • Re: A 58 v A57 May 6, 2015
    Although I have been going on about possible change to other brands, I have to say that the A57 will stay in my drawer, its a star in the Sony entry level line up and stands out against other brands of similar price and spec. The A57 was more probably a production mistake in as […]
  • Give it Your Best Shot • Re: fossils May 6, 2015
    Good work, Jeff. : )I guess that's what photography does to an enthusiast; you learn to examine the subject deeper and deeper, and, hence find out more about one's past related to those objects. Everything is related to one an other one way or an other. Once where there was the sea, now lies barren […]
  • Give it Your Best Shot • Re: Cars from Monterey Historic Car Races May 6, 2015
    Each and every one of them are absolutely beautiful, Sury.Great to hear that they actually can make a day's racing too. : ) The rusty-looking one in the second one with the bucket is such an eye-catcher full of nostalgia. The first and the third are looking very pristine and shiny with those polished paint […]

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Hood-cap for NEX with 16mm


At photokina 2012, the Taiwanese company Hoocap ( showed a neat device for many different lenses and cameras, still in development for a wider range. It’s a combined lens-hood and lens-cap, which can be pushed or pulled to seal off or use your lens. They have models for lenses such as the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 […] . . . → Read More: Hood-cap for NEX with 16mm