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April 2020
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Sony is ready to launch a GPS module

Sony can make GPS work. They pioneered it in the A55, refined it in the A77, A65 and A99 – and abandoned it without a word in all later A-mount cameras and the entire E-mount series. But they prepped the Multi Function Accessory Shoe to be used with a GPS module – and I believe . . . → Read More: Sony is ready to launch a GPS module

A57 – no GPS

A57 announced today does what was needed and updates the A55 to have a decent EVF, plus a few bells and whistles. It’s got a 77-style microphone, and also a mic input socket for external mic moved to a better position than the A55. It has full 1080/50p video capability, 12 fps burst mode (with . . . → Read More: A57 – no GPS

Watch the birdie – will Sony’s GPS surprise?

Before reading this article, which has attracted a lot of traffic and attention, please remember this is my personal speculation and could be entirely wrong (I’ll be very disappointed if it is miles off target and they omit GPS… or my reading-between-the-lines turns out to relate to a different product like a superzoom pocket camera . . . → Read More: Watch the birdie – will Sony’s GPS surprise?

A dream of the future – and past

Sometimes earlier this year, early Spring I think, I had a vivid and detailed dream during a slow waking-up hour. It was the kind of dream which feels rational not random. I knew what I was doing in it – in control!

This time, I described the dream to my wife and son; he knows . . . → Read More: A dream of the future – and past