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  • Want-ads • ldshfxnm April 21, 2019
    bbw camStatistics: Posted by Guest — Sun Apr 21, 2019 4:06 pm
  • Give it Your Best Shot • Re: Backyard flowers April 21, 2019
    Hi, Sury; Your backyard is home to some very happy Clematis growth! The last photo displays its beauty and climbing nature against the wooden fencing.Roses are gorgeous. Is it possible that there was a raindrop stain or maybe some grease on the lens glass? I remember getting similar frames during a rainy day shoot. Hope […]
  • Alpha A-mount System • Re: Should I get rid of my APS-C gear? April 21, 2019
    ValeryD wrote:bfitzgeraldThese are the first impressions of using a full frame, they pass quickly ... Then, rather, there is a lack of a wide angle in existing lenses, moreover, there will not be enough extra 100mm for lenses with focal 200-300mm, which perfectly turn into 300-450mm on a crop cameras. Of course, the a77 has […]
  • Alpha A-mount System • Re: Should I get rid of my APS-C gear? April 21, 2019
    bakubo wrote:If you sell your A77 and A57 will it be about enough to get a second A99? Or maybe an A7II (or A7III) with adaptor?Not the bodies but if I dumped all the APS-C stuff it would be enough probably - depending on how you price it and if it sells. At the moment […]
  • Give it Your Best Shot • Backyard flowers April 21, 2019
    From yesterday's session in the back yard.On this one, I have not tested the lens after cleaning the UV filter, but I am wondering if the lens is out of whack.Statistics: Posted by sury — Sun Apr 21, 2019 5:00 am

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Changing the Alpha 900 focusing screen

This is not a step by step, since the instructions for this operation are very clear and the procedure is simple and nearly foolproof. It is simply a reassurance for those worried about changing their screen, with some tips.

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