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February 2008

Capture One v4 cures A700 high ISO confetti

8 comments to Capture One v4 cures A700 high ISO confetti

  • brooklynrocket

    How about cRAW, does it handle cRAW well now too?

  • admin

    We have tested Bibble, but unfortunately it has a serious bug producing tartan-like lines and patterns when any output other than native size is selected. So far Bibble Labs have not been able to change this situation, which may be related to the ‘nice dense grain’, and until they do I am not recommending Bibble for processing Sony files.


  • Jarek

    You should test Bibble as it produces nice, dense grain, here is a comparison with LR (iso320, sharpening and noise reduction zeroed): //

  • Hey David, sorry to make another post here, but the link I posted for yourself and the cat lovers above was not so hot…My Spyder had thrown gamma about .4 low so that particular post’s images had the wrong curve applied.

    Check them out now…much better as I went back to my old school gamma cal technique. Spit happens, I guess… The images should have a new DB ID so you probably do not have to refresh.


    Take care,


  • Cejes

    Actually C1 v4 is the best solution for A700 High ISO images. I’m definitely escaping from the horrible ACR and the terrible IDC…
    Totally agree with David. As fast as Lightroom and some times better than RawTherapee in IQ.
    Finally fine sharp grain!!!

    Thanks for the hint David!

  • I have played with Capture One a bit more, and while I have been getting better results, and I do like the fine grained structure, I am still seeing more low contrast fine detail and depth with IDC2.0.

    I will say I do sorta like the colors I am seeing out of Capture One in my early testing, but I do not see it topping IDC just yet in overall performance.

    I have not seen too much more posterization, as long as you keep the sliders to the leftish side of things….So while my opinion on Capture One may not be quite as harsh as I stated earlier, I really don’t see C1 beating up IDC2.0 yet.

    Capture One may do the job for many folks if used properly, but it does seem easy to posterize images with C1, so you must be careful.

    Again, thanks DK, you at least prompted me to give C1 another look and I appreciate that…I may not use it much at this point, but I will keep it on the machine since my free license from Sandisk activated it.

    It has shown me performance similar to ACR so at times I suppose it could be an alternative to ACR on some types of subjects.

    I don’t use lightroom much, so I don’t mind using IDC…It’s not great, but on tough images it seems to do the best job for me, most of the time. It’s easy to open images in IDC with ACDSee Pro 2, and the images keep the proper file name, so I think am sticking with that for now on most all mid and high ISO images.

    On low ISO stuff I usually just do the quickie bridge–>ACR4.3.1–>CS3.





  • I just downloaded and activated Capture and the documentation states that the DSLR-A700 is supported, however….

    The software opens the A700 ARW files but what it is giving me is flat, posterized images that look much worse than IDC2.0.01!!!

    Wowza man…I would not touch this software again with a 10 foot pole until things get better.

    I tried a few files from ISO1250 to ISO6400 and each and every time the IDC 2.0 output was detailed and three dimensional…and the Capture One output was soft, flat, and semi-posterized!!!

    I then compared Capture One to ACR 4.3.1 on a couple of the same images and the ACR output has a touch more detail, is a bit more 3 dimensional, and is not posterized. While ACR does not look as good ac IDC2.0, it is better than Capture One’s output on these mid-high ISO images.

    I used some cat hair, metallic structures, and other subjects when testing and the results were similar across all subjects.

    I won’t be using this software for anything anytime soon unless there is a major improvement, upgrade, or bugfix.

    I may not be an expert on Capture One but I have been processing raw files since 2002 and based onmy Capture One results, unless corrupted by my testing procedures, are completely unsatisfactory in comparison to IDC 2.0 and even ACR 4.3.1 on the subjects I tested.

    It was a quick test, but still!

    Based on this…I do not recommend Capture One at this time for processing A700 ARW files.



  • I dunno…until a better solution is released I keep switching between ACR and IDC as ISO increases…I have some other processors as well but the only thing that is clear so far is that you do need to use different processors on different types of files….Someday we will have REAL solution so until then I have “refined” my workflow so that I use bridge or ACDPRO 2 to manage, and IDC and ACR 4.3 to convert, and CS3 to finish… I would use others in the mix…but just too time consuming for now.

    I want to add I have been getting great mid and high ISO and Super Steady Shot is working fantastic!

    Check these pix out! I know DK will love these…


    If you want to see 50 real world ISO6400 images (including crops) check this out as I have recently added a ton of new images and crops.


    Well David, thanks again for taking the time to post your findings. I have Captor One LE but have not messed with it in a while. Between ACD, IDC, ACR, Bibble, RT, etc, etc, etc…the raw workflow is getting to be a might bit much for some! 😉