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May 2009

New Sony Alpha 500 and 550 leaked

This post has been updated on August 29th as it features second in Google searches for Sony Alpha 550 – but it contained only rumour links when first posted in May.


The camera is now launched, along with the 500 and the full-frame 850.

Please visit our detailed launch and specification reports –






– DK

4 comments to New Sony Alpha 500 and 550 leaked

  • toughluck

    This 10-24 is likely just a copy of the Tamron, so this isn’t really fortunate. However, maybe Sony will cherrypick this stock to serve only the best to Alpha users.

    A full frame version of the A700 is probably coming, but I doubt it will happen this year. If anything, a full frame A700 is probably going to be called A800. So A730 (or anything in that vein) is probably going to be APS-c with higher resolution and main sensor Live View.

    As for the leaks, F40AM is a misspell of F20AM. The people updating the website have next to no knowledge of DSLRs. (KM Canada dissolved a year before Sony took over KM DSLRs, key people dispersed and Sony was unable to recruit them.)

  • tfd

    All I really want is a full-frame upgrade to the A700, maybe with the new back-lit sensor, and even faster auto-focus and burst rate. Don’t need 25 MP (files are too big, and I don’t make billboards) or video. Basically a Sony competitor/upgrade to the Nikon D700. Any chance of that?

  • alexramos

    The design must be new, maybe a230/a330/a380 style.

  • richardharris

    I think these could be intersting cameras. The 5 series has traditionally been quite popular with a number of different people, with greatly varying skill level. My only hope is that the 10-24 is not a straight copy of the Tamron. Sony needs something high quality for super wide APS-C users.