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December 2017

Sony A7RIII pixel shift with a vintage lens

3 comments to Sony A7RIII pixel shift with a vintage lens

  • B Patient

    You wrote: “In fact the A7RIII in PSMS mode is significantly better than 6 x 9cm rollfilm E6.”

    Well, that’s good news, since one of my intended uses for my new A7r III is to copy old frames from my dearly-departed Mamiya 7 6×7 camera. (Drum scans are costly.) That raises a couple of questions for me:

    1. My first tries with PSMS and the Sony software seemed rather oversharpened. I can’t experiment further just now since I had to send the lens adapter back. Can you comment on film copying settings that work for you?

    2. Can you offer your impression of the qualities of regular (not PSMS) exposures from the A7R III compared to medium format film?


    • I don’t think you need to use Pixelshift for ‘scanning’ slides up to 6 x 9cm, I’m seeing film grain resolved with normal single captures. What I meant was that any original PSMS image was far better than anything up to 6 x 9cm was in the past. And regular non-PSMS exposures are certainly a match for it. I do still have a few 5 x 4 transparencies around so I may see how that works, I suspect that even these will start showing grain. I don’t think the multishot software oversharpens, my only problem as ever with slide copying is that with a good lens tiny scratches or dust/hair on the original are imaged bitingly sharp and the transparency itself is never as sharp as the damage done to it by storage. My Scan Multi Pro does a good job removing this was Digital ICE but is so slow and unreliable! I’ve tried a couple of frames of film which come from excellent untouched storage conditions, pretty much as clean as the day they were sleeved by the lab, and this is very successful. I may have more usable vintage stock images than I thought practical to scan, only problem is that pre-EXIF and with some of my notes and references lost, I have absolutely no idea now exactly where some were taken and what they show.

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