Best Two Speedlite Option

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Best Two Speedlite Option

Unread postby ice92 » Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:10 pm


I am very confused of what to do. Right now I have an A33 with a HVL-F42AM flash. I am pretty happy with it but I want to take my lighting to the next level. I have looked at every option I believe. Continuous / strobe / speedlites. I believe speedlites will be the best option for me because I can take it when I travel.

The problem I am having is which is the best value option. There are so many options available. You can buy a yongnuo yn-560 or another Sony or I read you can buy a Nikon or Canon and have the flash sync when the Sony flash goes off. Is it possible not to need a radio trigger? How far will the A33 trigger? Is Master and slave mode good or again the trigger system is a must?

I prefer not to spend a lot however I don't want to cheap out and then upgrade later which will end up being more expensive.

I want softboxes as well. I was looking at these. ... 059&sr=8-4 ... 35ba75885b

Again price varies a lot between the three. I bought a hotshoe from dealextreme to fit these since none will work with Sony. It's really disappointing that there are no softbox options for Sony cameras.

Thanks a lot!

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