My Minolta History

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Gordon McGeachie
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My Minolta History

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I got my first Minolta back in 1981, It was the magnificent X700 complete with 50mm f1.7 lens and the MD1 motor drive and the 280PX flashgun.
In 1984(?) I bought a secondhand SRT 101b as a second body which I passed on to a friend when in 1986 I bought a second X700.

I went Autofocus roundabout 1988 when I got a 7000i and a new collection of lenses and flashgun. Next was the 7xi, a wonderfull camera to hold and very good to use.

I heard about the Digital bodies that were coming out so I decide to keep all my gear until then, buying a Dynax7d. I tought about buying a second body but decided to wait until the Sony A700 hit the market. I aim to buy one next year but will never part with my Minolta Dynax 7d.

Once a Minolta user, always a Minolta User.

I have never ever thought about jumping ship.
Old Photographers Never Die, They Just Go Out Of focus
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Re: My Minolta History

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I was looking for my first SLR in the early 1970's and went out for a Pentax but the dealer showed me a Minolta SRT101 and after a bit of further research I bought an SRT303 which was a lovely camera. I found an older stop down 100mm F2 Rokkor and after a bit of experimenting I had a model engineer fit a small brass lug on the aperture ring so that the metering was fully functional and this became my favourite lens.

I had the whole kit pinched from my car and replaced it with an XG2. I liked this camera but never felt that I had as good results as with the SRT303 (not the camera I think just the automation made me less careful!)

When the AF Minolta came out I bought a 9000 with 50mm f1.7 and 28mm f2.8which again was a wonderful camera which I still keep

Later I bought my last film SLR the excellent 700si and a 24-85mm lens adding the 100-300mm APO

I have a mail order business for which I do some of my own catalogue photography so this allows me to buy "for the company"

When I eventually decided to go digital I bought first the Dimage 7 and then the A2 both fine cameras.

When I heard that Sony had bought Minolta I was concerned as to what would follow and bought a 5D with the 18-70 Kit lens although I tended to use my 24 -85 more. I also bought the 11-18. I was very happy with this.

I have been delighted that Sony have brought their resources and money but have evolved the Minolta range and have now bought the A700 (which has a lot of Minolta DNA) with the Zeiss 16-80 which I am delighted with and I am getting to know it and use the combination as my walk round combination Taking the 100-300 and the 11-18 as required. I am really impressed with this camera.
Jeff Pittman
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Re: My Minolta History

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I bought my first camera in High School, a brand new X-700. I've been with Minolta ever since. Moved into AF with the 600si, and 7 and 9. Then went digital and retro at the same time with the 7D and XD-11 and XE-7. Now have the A700 and the 7D is the only camera I sold (to help fund the A700), and I kind a wish I'd kept it:( Have more lenses than I need but can't part with all those old, wonderful Minolta lenses especially the G auto focus lenses and MD prime lenses. Currently shooting a lot with the CZ lenses, especially the 85, 135 and 16-80 (though I prefer full frames lenses since I still shoot with the 7 and 9 film cameras so carrying the digital only lenses limits my options).
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