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A tale of flashes

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 12:31 am
by sury
When I bought my A99M2, I knew my HVL58 is no longer compatible with A99m2's Multi interface hot shoe. So I bought a HVL43M and HVL20M to go with My A99M2. HVL20M is a nice compact take any where flash. Then I came across the ADPMAA adapter that makes my HVL58 flash usable on A99M2. In my slovenly ways of keeping a tab on my accessories, I could not find my ADPMAA adapter. So I bought a Adorama version of Godox flash which for Sony is only optically triggered. But at the least I have 3 flashes. Recently as I was experimenting with flash and lighting, I came upon an optical trigger I bought long ago and thought hmm, I can may be use my HVL58. Alas, the trigger is not compatible. Then a stroke of genius. Turned my HVL58 to a wireless slave. Viola, now I have 4 flashes to play with.

I was going after an effect that lights the subject but does not show there are flashes involved.
My flashes. My HVL20 is not shown.

Here is an example of flashes gone wild. Bad shot, I know.

This one is better but still there is a tell tale sign of flash.

This one is a tad improved, I think.

P.S. I found my ADPMAA adapter tucked away in a shelf of a desk at the back. Being black in color, it could not be seen. I stumbled upon it while moving the desk recently.