Hello From Portland, OR

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Hello From Portland, OR

Unread post by darkslide18 »

Hi everyone!

New to the forum. I have been into photography for about 3 years now. I love it. Started with a Canon G7 and then moved on to a Sony a200. Last week I picked up an a77. Stoked! I found this place while searching the web for @ and Minolta shooters. Looks like I found the right place. I am still fairly new to Photography and only in the last year or two have I begun to get into more advanced shooting. I'm loving it. I am an avid Mountain Biker. Shooting and riding go hand in hand. The surroundings and the action. My favorite types of subjects include the outdoors, Mountain biking, cityscapes (Portland is a very photogenic city) and macro.

Here is the first good shot out of my a77. It is going to take me awhile to learn the ins and outs of this camera. So far I am impressed.


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Re: Hello From Portland, OR

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Welcome aboard. I too have the amazing a77 + lots of lenses.
A wonderful night shot you posted here. I see you are also good at picture processing (PP).
I am sure you'll feel at ease here, but beware of a virus while strolling here. It is called GAS (gear acquisition syndrome)... :wink:
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Re: Hello From Portland, OR

Unread post by Birma »

Welcome from me as well darkslide :) . I love the night view of the bridge - great shot!
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