hello to all from Italy

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Tremble at Dawn
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hello to all from Italy

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Hi All,
I'm very glad to find this forum: I've gone thru some of the very interesting topics on it and suddenly decide to join this community.
My name is Stefano, I am a minolta collector and enthusiast and I am writing you from italy.
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Re: hello to all from Italy

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Welcome to the forum, Stefano! I have been to Italy several times and I always enjoy it so much. Feel free to post your photos.
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Dr. Harout
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Re: hello to all from Italy

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Hi Stefano and welcome.
In contrast to Bakubo, I've never been in Italy, but really planning to.
Enjoy your surf here with us.
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Re: hello to all from Italy

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Welcome Stefano!
I've never been, but hope to! Since I got married all my international adventures have disappeared!

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