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Unread postby Pirate » Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:23 pm


I found a link on another forum about Alpha Universe and having taken a look, it seems like you can link to it through various methods such as Facebook, **Twitter and other account types. You can post images to their Facebook page (max 2 per day), so it seems to allow you to extend your online presence as well as offering tips and other information which includes 'how to' walk-through guides and other simple solutions in order to get a specific image result, but take a look for yourself and either take it or leave it (it doesn't cost anything), so I'm just the messenger.

Apologies if this is old news, but I did do a PCA site search first before posting as I couldn't see anything in the results that lead me to believe that this topic had already been posted about.

It may be of interest to some PCA members, and if so, then good for you. I joined their Facebook (FB) group and linked via my own FB account.


I don't use Twitter, but why is a post called a 'tweet'? I would've thought you would have to be a twit first in order to do that, and there must be millions of twits worldwide if that's the case. Before social media, we used to write letters (a dying art) or in the case of Twitter, maybe they should use carrier pigeons!

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