Minolta logo in Japan

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Minolta logo in Japan

Unread post by bakubo »

I saw this yesterday outside a business center in Japan. I guess they use KM copy machines, etc. inside. Many may remember that before Konica Minolta used that logo it was the one Minolta used. I think Minolta started using it in 1981. Gave me a bit of a nostalgic feeling when I saw it. :)

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Re: Minolta logo in Japan

Unread post by Birma »

Good find, Henry! I occasionally see the logo in offices; copiers etc. It also makes me think of my Minolta lenses :)
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Re: Minolta logo in Japan

Unread post by the_hefay »

Henry, there's a few of those around here in Peru still. The first few times I saw these signs it caught me off guard. But it was just copiers that they had. I'll try and get a couple of pictures.

On a side note, tomorrow I'll probably be blacklisted again. Some security protocol keeps blocking the ISP's IP address and I'm unable to post. This sometimes happens for weeks straight. Kind of frustrating, and then I forget what it was i wanted to post. And it's only with this forum.

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