Alpha A100 A700 used professionally ?

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Alpha A100 A700 used professionally ?

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Hi all,

Up till now I have mainly used film for almost all my work, but I have recently been getting involved in digital.
Having been a happy Minolta owner I plumped for the Sony A100 as a first 'serious' digital SLR. I am enjoying the camera, and am impressed with the quality it gives me, plus I can use all my old lenses.
I have a couple of portraits and a wedding coming up in the Spring, and was thinking about 'doubling up' my film cameras with the Sony A100.

Has anyone used these cameras in anger?
If so, are you - and your client(s) - happy with the results?

Please don't tell me that pro photographers only use Nikon and Canon - that would mean I'd have to pay back all the cash I've earned using my Minoltas over the last 20 years!!

Any comments would be of interest.

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Re: Alpha A100 A700 used professionally ?

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The only thing I would be careful about would be low light at ISO 1600. Good light - that is, dull light but not shadowy - is OK even at 1600. Surprisingly good actually, even with the original firmware. You will improve the camera's performance if you upgrade the firmware to v1.04, the latest revision. For a wedding, I might even consider not shooting raw, because setting DRO+ and using JPEG greatly improves the dynamic range and detail of many wedding situations. It is best to use Hi200 for wedding pictures, with or without DRO+, as this setting guarantees that you won't get burned out wedding gown white.

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Re: Alpha A100 A700 used professionally ?

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I am a retired newspaper photographer and have photographed a lot of weddings using film. Several years ago I made the switch to digital and I love it. I have been using a KM 5D and I am about to add an Alpha 200. I really don't want to be bothered with presenting proofs and going through the process of selection and constructing an album so I have tried to make the process simple. I shoot several hundred pictures; edit; put them on a disc; make contact type proofs; present them as a pckage (like giving negatives away, once a real no, no) and I'm done. Many, many young couples are computer savy. They can print their own or go to a local self print. I have a price schedule for prints if the customers wants me to print. (I'm paid in advance for my service, of course.) Please visit my web site - take a look -
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