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LA-04 adaptor

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Has anyone else had a problem with their adaptor?

Mine has given really good service for nearly three years, but has had some sort of seizure... It's refusing to lock on with focus. It's clocked up a lot of frames, as I have no E-mount lenses other than a lensbaby Velvet 56.

Any thoughts would be welcome: my confidence that I can keep on shooting is a little bit shaken, as the same adaptor serves on more than one body.

Although I use manual focus a lot (being able to enlarge the very corner of a frame i nthe viewfinder is wonderful), I have also acquired some dust on the mirror that seems to be sufficient to cause marks on the image. It's not dust on the sensor - the Lensbaby and old manual lenses give mark-free pictures.

And of course I am wondering if my attempt to remove the dust was the cause - blower, brush and Lenspen all failed to shift it, but it was interesting that the mirror is extremely flexible...
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