Broken a580 battery door

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Broken a580 battery door

Unread postby alphaclub_dimo » Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:49 am

Soon after getting my 580 converted to IR and thus voiding the warranty, the battery door broke. Does anyone know where I could order a new battery door, either from sony or a third party? or am I going to have to rig something up on my own? Any ideas or feedback would be great, my google searches are turning up nothing at all so far.

- DImo

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Re: Broken a580 battery door

Unread postby motor » Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:11 pm

This may sound like a dumb and expensive idea to get around what you really need but on e-bay there are a ton of third party vertical grips for the A580. Some of them come with an extra door for on the 580 you must take the door off to attach the grip. I purchased the "sony" vertical grip for it has a sway pin unlike the third parties. There is a slot to snap the door on so you don't loose it. Sony didn't send an extra door but I did see some had one offered this as a third party. You might have to buy the grip but you get the door. Then you have the option of using the grip to is you like that feel. Expensive solution but it is one. I think some of the 3rd party grips only cost about $50 USD for the grip and new door. Also I would just call Sony and just tell them you need to buy a new door for you lost yours. Due to the fact that you have to take the door off for the vertical grip my guess is in the future a lot of people will need a new one. I would think they would have that as a stock part.

Just a thought


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