Sony HVL-F60M Flash

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Sony HVL-F60M Flash

Unread postby Iknowit » Sat May 24, 2014 3:50 am

If you have one of these problems:

1. Flash firing intermittently
2. Flash won't fire in portrait modes
3. Hotshoe not locking
4. Hotshoe pins damage
5. Hotshoe locking button is missing

Contact Alzo Digital, CT.

They will get you to the right direction, ATG.
And you will be able to fix it yourself.

ATG's warning:
Do not attempt to place this flash on Sony DSC-AX100, HDR-CX900 or any hybrid cameras.
Sony and B&H Photos say you can use flash and take still photos with these cameras.
Good luck returning back after trying it out.
Sony will not repair your camera or flash for free.

I am running into that problem with Sony but ATG was able to repair both.
Here's what I don't get, both camera & flash are designed by Sony.
Both have "Multi-Interface-Shoe" hotshoes. And the flash won't even fit. :x

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