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Re: Sony 7r

Unread post by Eiffel »

The reception that the new Fuji camera is getting on dpreview is enlightening. While it looks nice, this new camera is not miles away from the A7/A7r, albeit with an APS sensor, but initial reactions are much more positive.

Some vocal people on this thread are resorting to name-calling Sony as a 'gadget maker' which is sad indeed.
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Re: Sony 7r

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peterottaway wrote:But at least the article confirms that DPR is incapable of overcoming their natural bias against Sony product. When they are so upfront about it then no one will be surprised when they publish their opinion piece as their "review" of the A7r.

It also reflects I think increasing concern in some quarters that Sony is becoming a danger to their perceived natural order of things. It has been interesting looking at the subtext to the commentary some have been running on LL as well.
If I remember the A57 and A65 got gold awards, the A99 also bagged a gold, and the A77 got a silver (I suppose the high initial cost meant the A65 was a better bet for some)

If that's a natural bias then I'm not seeing it. I would add I've used the A57 a lot, and I spot niggles and issues that were never even mentioned in the review at all. Not that it's a bad camera in most ways a good one, gold not so sure though. IMO that's only for the very select few offerings that really nail it.

On the new Fuji I think there is an element of "bored with retro" being honest I've seen SLR designs progress over the years and I'm of the view that modern SLR's are better designed than the old school select shutter speed and aperture control on the lens. That's my take. I like controls and dials, but we've moved on past this period now, the times I use full manual are not that often..PASM is just fine and a shutter control dial isn't really needed anymore.

Not that the Fuji looks bad, it's undercut the EM-1 by about £150, has sealing and a decent overall spec. It's just that in a world full of 70d's and D7100's (which are cheaper too) do we actually want/need it? Then you get the obvious spend a bit more (not that much) and you start getting into full frame land

So far mirrorless is fighting an uphill battle against well established players, and with better FF prices APS-C and smaller sensor sizes are not going to be able to command the premium they used to. People need to see the wood for the trees, it's not "oh wow this is mirrorless it's new lets love it to bits" it's the overall system, the end product and the attraction of these cameras in the market.

I can't really see any obvious reason for anyone to ditch their Canikon set up for any of these offerings, unless they are a travel shooter looking for a lighter bag.
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