POLL: Why do you buy camera gear?

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POLL: Why do you buy camera gear?

Buy cameras to use as tools to take photos. Photography is the primary interest.
Buy cameras because they are cool, interesting devices. Photography is not the primary interest or maybe even of no interest.
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Re: POLL: Why do you buy camera gear?

Unread postby roysmith » Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:03 pm

bakubo wrote:
roysmith wrote:Ok :D
But I think nobody will choose #2... maybe if you put something like 30%/70%,50%/50%,%70/30% or something like that... :)

I don't know why someone wouldn't choose #2 if it the primary reason. I tried to make it clear that probably none of us are all #1 or #2, we are all a mix. Which is the primary reason though? If you are 49% #1 and 51% #2 then select #2. Also, you need to get to the root. For example, saying you buy a camera to take photos to sell stuff on ebay means that #1 is your answer. Taking photos, even if they are just to sell stuff, is still taking photos. If you buy camera gear because you collect it, but don't really use it and take photos then #2 would be your answer.

Ok I get it now.
Just out of curiosity, can you give an example of those opposite point of views between "photographers" and "camera collectors"? (just trying to difference both groups, don't mean to disrespect)

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Re: POLL: Why do you buy camera gear?

Unread postby bakubo » Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:53 am

I like the gear too up to a point and always have. It is secondary though for me.

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