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Don has used global moderator permissions to remove posts and threads which disagreed - not 'hated' in his words - with some of his approaches to individual members, or to the balanced and friendly moderation of this site. I have therefore removed Don's global priveleges. I have not censored these forums, as owner, though I may have expressed opinions; I do not need to have anyone else censoring posts, or expressing derogatory opinions about ANYONE using this website.

All I ask of forum users is that they treat all others here as if they were friends - treat them as well as they would treat a member of their own family, or a co-worker, or a neighbour. That does not mean you can't debate, argue, express opinions, disagree etc. The last thing we need is a forum where everyone is so polite they never say what they mean. But we also do not need abuse, invective, anger, contempt, dismissal or any kind of personal attacks.


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