Digital Cable Release

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Digital Cable Release

Unread postby Eric Webb » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:13 pm

Downloading images from my compact - a [email protected]@n, Oh Dear! - connected to my XP PC via USB - Windows offered me the option to make an exposure. 'Heck!', I thought, 'Give it a go!' I clicked the icon or whatever and - by gum - the lens extended and - click - I had a blurry snap of my desktop!

Makes me think. I really could do with cable release for the beast, but a laptop is a bit complicated as such :( . Surely there must be a workaround which connects via the mini-USB port on digitals generally to supply the need?

Ideas please!


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Re: Digital Cable Release

Unread postby Dusty » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:58 pm

Such a beast would require a "smart" controller. It's not a simple serial connection, like a remote trigger is. Thus any such one would be specific to the range of models it was designed for, which may not be very wide.

DSLRs usually have a remote port that, while it may be a plug of special configuration, is just 3 connects (common, focus and shutter release).


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