Needing help digitizing Polaroid prints


Needing help digitizing Polaroid prints

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to digitize a few hundred Polaroid 9x11 cm prints and I'm looking for the best way to do this.

Most prints are glued in a book and I's like to keep it that way if I can. I have thought of 2 approaches:

- Using my simple HP flatbed scanner. I need to get the prints out of the book for this and I don't think I have any histogram control during scanning.
- Use a maco lens and photograph the photo. I saw Doc using this for slides and can imagine something like that working for a printed photo. It will be a hard time getting perfect lighting setup correctly I think, but when I do I have more control over the output and can edit the RAWs if needed for any corrections.

Any advice you guys can give me about this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Needing help digitizing Polaroid prints

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Why would you have to take them out of the book?
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