Lasers prove you can't hold a camera still (VIDEO)

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Lasers prove you can't hold a camera still (VIDEO)

Unread post by InTheSky »

This is an interesting scientific experience with a Laser attached to the flash shoe of a camera.

It is to explain that there is not possibility to have a perfect clean picture on a camera without a tripod (in a shutter speed under ~1/400). Well, this experience forget to talk about different stabilization technology. But, it is interesting to see the difference with the mirror lock up. ... ill-video/

Video come from this article: ... rt-or-not/

I think this is where the Minolta Technology (now Sony) has advantage on this kind of vibration, because the software can acts exactly at the good moment to remove the shutter vibration from the mirror by moving the sensor (where a in lens stabilization cannot move enough fast lens element to compensate, and when this stabilization is available on the lens -> no prime except for new lenses on the market like the Canon Macro).


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Re: Lasers prove you can't hold a camera still (VIDEO)

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I would say the position of the laser and the length and balance to the rear contributes to an overexageration of the camera movement.
the laser should have been mounted sturdily on the camera,it would not have had to be at the film plane as their aim was in identifying the amount of camera movement ,
it would have been a better test had the laser been mounted solidly and centrally on the flash mount, I feel that these results are very pessimistic and biased towards the testers opinions
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