First stab at a list

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First stab at a list

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To continue with a few more, just a selection:

Photographic technique:

The first and in many ways defining book on camera technique for me was Teach Yourself Photography, which I read in the early 1970s. Its probably still as good. Other more recent books:
The Negative - Ansel Adams. One to return to time and again.
Digital Photography Masterclass - Tom Ang. I really like this. It is well written and not just a "How to" book.
Leica M - Advanced Photo School - Gunter Osterloh. A true classic, not just for Leica users, and back in print.
Learning to see creatively - Bryan Peterson. Another classic in its genre,as apparently is his book on Exposure, but I haven't seen that one.
Lighting for portrait photography - Steve Bavister. A fantastic work book with full page studio lighting placement examples. Really excellent.
The Photographer's Eye - Michael Freeman
Photoshop - Books by Martin Evening, Matt Kloskowski. Evening's book on Lightroom 3 is indispensable in my opinion.
Personally I find Scott kelby's attempts at humour jars.


Looking at Photographs - John Szarkowski - finally back in print.
How to Read a Photograph - Ian Jeffrey

Photo Journalism:

Pictures on a Page - Harold Evans
Eisenstaedt - Witness to our time
Jewgeni Chaldej - see below
Red Star Over Russia - David King
Red-Color News Soldier - Li ZhenSheng
Photo Journalism - Getty Images
The Heart of the Great Alone - David Hempleman Adams. Original photos from the Scott and Shackleton expeditions to the Antarctic - how did they do it?!


Photographers A-Z - Han-Michael Koetzle (Taschen)
This book came as a real surprise. I was expecting a largish selection of one page examples by well known photographers and in a way this is what you get. However, instead of a single plate the author has taken a representative book of work for each photographer and taken illustrations from within as well as the books front cover. Appended is a potted biography and the odd comment. This may sound sketchy but it works brilliantly and is a true eye-opener because alongside the names we know are plenty I did not, such as Jewgeni Chaldej, a Soviet war photographer, whose images are dark and evocative. Examples like this are leading to further discovery. I can really recommend this book.
Photography - The Masters (Scala). Just full page examples, often multiple, of the great. Absolutely marvellous book and cheap too.
Then there are the dedicated books. Where to start. I enjoy portraits so I have to highlight Yousuff Karsh, Arnold Newman, Jane Bown. Landscape, First light - Joe Cornish. Landscape - The World's Top Photographers - Terry Hope.

As I said, just a very small selection of my favourites. Which are yours?
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Re: First stab at a list

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artington wrote:To continue with a few more, just a selection:

Photographic technique:
Other more recent books:
The Negative - Ansel Adams. One to return to time and again.
I'm not necessarily an AA fan, and the technique and constrains in photography are not the same than then, but The Camera; the Negative and The Print are IMHO the Bible for photographers.
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