Gary Friedman's book on the NEX-5R & NEX-6 has been released

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Gary Friedman's book on the NEX-5R & NEX-6 has been released

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Gary Friedman just released the latest in his series of excellent books on photography. This one is on the NEX-5R and NEX-6. It is over 500 pages inlength and is available in both electronic and printed form. The electronic version comes in PDF format, mobi (Kindle) format, and epub (Nook) format, and you can download it in any or all of those formats for a single price of $26.50.

In the past I have personally purchased the electronic versions of Gary's books on the KM A2, KM 7D, and Sony Alpha 700 for myself, and have given the e-books on the Alpha 100 and Alpha 330 as gifts. I have been very satisfied with the e-books I got for myself, and the recipients have thanked me profusely for the e-books I gave them.

As soon as I received Gary's e-mail this evening announcing the availability of his latest NEX book, I immediately went online to purchase and download it. I have only had the time so far to quickly skim the material, but that has been enough to convince me that Gary has again delivered a book that is more than worth its price.

The link to obtaining the book is at:

Sony NEX-6 and NEX-5R Book by Gary L. Friedman and Mike Hendren

Standard disclaimer: I have no connection to Gary other than as a satisfied customer.

With best wishes,
- Tom -
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