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Pc upgraded...

Unread postby bfitzgerald » Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:02 am

Just a few thoughts for those on PC contemplating a pc update.
I did a new build based on the Ryzen 5 1600 moving from an FX6300

Despite the negative vibes the FX series got I was never unhappy with the CPU, but time rolls on 2012 (originally had a 4 core Athlon)
Fast forward to now the Ryzen beats out the last gen i7 and completely wiped out the previous i5 massively in heavy workloads. I built a few i5's a couple of years ago, and an i7 18 months ago. Decent systems, but those extra cores/threads really come into play
In short the hype is to be believed (though Intel upped their game with the new models still the 1600 has the edge for multi threading at this price)

It's like a hot knife through soggy butter for photo exports, rendering and video encoding. I would estimate about 3 x the speed of the older FX possibly more in some tasks. I went with the 1600 as the Ryzen 7's are a bit pricey more cores/threads I think the 6/12 is the sweet spot price/performance. Downsides? Ram prices are horrible right now really bad, but 8GB is probably sufficient for most users, it would cost a small fortune to go to 32GB. And the bitcoin miners have ruined the GPU market, I don't really game much..still some need a GPU you can forget anything over the entry ones.

Good to see AMD back on form, though as said the FX were not nearly as bad as some suggested they were just weak in lighter threaded applications, the FX6/8 were decent enough in their price points for heavy threaded work.

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