Birds In Flight

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Birds In Flight

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Hello all! Sorry I have been mostly absent recently. The summer seems to have been busy, but not so much with photography.

I have a question. I have been trying to capture some birds in flight. I am using the A99 and the SAL 70-400 G mk1. Does anyone have any suggestions for settings and / or technique ? Despite having had the camera for a few years I've never really explored the AF functions.

This is what I've been doing so far: AF-D, zone focus (typically central zone), object tracking off, face etc. off, using the AF/MF button on the back of the camera set to AF-on, and have switched AF off on the shutter button. I've also set exposure to Spot. I've aiming for 1/1000s with aperture f/8 and auto ISO maxing at 1600. Opening aperture if this is too dark. Camera shake reduction is on. I'm hand holding and trying to follow the birds, focusing with my thumb on the back, and then firing off a few frames (auto advance slow) when focus is acquired.

I realise that I need lots of practice, but wanted to check if I'm missing anything obvious?
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