A Mount to Nikon Z with adapters?

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A Mount to Nikon Z with adapters?

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I have no idea if this is just speculation...
If I stick that on a Techart Sony E to Nikon Z adapter, I can autofocus screwdriver Sony (and Minolta) A mount lenses on my Z.
If that's true, well it might be interesting. Why?
LAEA5 works on 3 FF bodies so far with screw drive lenses. A1, A7RIV, and the new to be released A7IV. None are cheap, the A7IV is about 2800 euro in Europe (pre-order), that's a fair bit up on the A7III.
So there is still no reasonably affordable route to screw drive AF A to E mount, other than using the LAEA4

A Z6 can be had for about 1000 euro, good used condition. Both adapters will set you back about 500, we're up to 1500 euro ish. Leaving aside the nasty CF Express card prices, if that does work, and work well enough. You have a potential working screw drive AF system for quite a lot less than Sony offers. Unless they decide to replace the aged A7ii, which doesn't seem to be happening. I wouldn't have a problem using that set up myself on Z mount, if it actually works.

BTW whilst I am here, I think Nikon grossly underestimate how important it is to support screw drive lenses with AF. I am surprised they still have not figured it out. As you can see, there is quite a bit of angst among Nikon users about this. I agree, it's important, and likely costs Nikon some of their users. As for Sony, I suppose at least they did have something there, for screw drive AF, with some limitations. The LAEA5 attraction is still, for me far too expensive to consider
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