The LAEA4 Might be "discontinued"

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The LAEA4 Might be "discontinued"

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I had a look on Amazon sites, it's mostly showing available as "used" only.
This includes many of the European ones and other camera retailers.

If this is true, it might be another heavy blow for some users.
Reason, for screw drive lenses - the LAEA4 works on most of the cameras out there including the A7/II/III, and the APS-C ones
It's the only adapter, with screw drive lenses that can AF in video (with the usual F3.5 limitation etc)

Of course none of this would be a problem if the LAEA5 worked on lots of cameras, or did AF in video (which it doesn't)
Oh dear looks like Sony's planned A mount obsolescence is a step closer. I'm not sure I'm super confident the LAEA5 will be around for a long time either
Yes the LAEA4 was dated, it wasn't as good as it should have been. It did work though, reasonably well with quirks.
Sell it cheap, yes why not, they make their money on it..if it is discontinued, that's not a good sign.
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