Anyone bought a new scanner recently?

Minolta scanners, scanner support and replacement choices
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Anyone bought a new scanner recently?

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Has anyone bought a new scanner recently that they're happy with? Or even tried one out?

I only have an old Epson 4490, and scans are very slow and not that great. Recently, I was contacted by someone who wants to do a documentary on a social movement that happened 30 years ago, and I have thousands of photos that they want. Well, they want some of them, it's just that I have to scan them all so they can pick the ones they want out.

They are willing to buy me a scanner, as I don't want to spend 2 years scanning old negatives using the Epson, and even if I updated to a newer Epson, it will take forever.

I plan on pre-selecting what they kinda want, scanning at med resolution and sending the pics to them so they can select which ones they want and then doing a high res scan.

I'm thinking the new Pacific Image one that's just coming out, as the old one had good reviews and the new one is supposed to be much faster.

Any thoughts?

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