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  • Alpha A-mount System • Re: Back to SLR thoughts and ramblings July 5, 2022
    Just a short post to Barry, the Nikon 610 Mk 2 has caught my attention, mainly because its quite small for a FF. finding one that's not beat up or has high shutter count is the problem. I would also need FF lenses although the used market is the place to look.Apparently the Mk 2 […]
  • Alpha A-mount System • Re: Back to SLR thoughts and ramblings July 3, 2022
    The 70D was the last decent build on a Canon, Plenty around on the used market. Great shot of the Runner and very Nikon colours, well done for the saleI have been looking at all the shops and sites selling used Nikon's and one thing they seem to have in common certainly in APS-C up […]
  • Alpha A-mount System • Re: Back to SLR thoughts and ramblings July 1, 2022
    Friend of mine just got a 90D and says it's a nice camera, but Canon have cut back on their build quality, he said it's not as well made as a 60D let alone 7D series.Another friend sold off his remaining Canon gear, and didn't get a lot, he is using micro 4/3 and has […]
  • Alpha A-mount System • Re: Back to SLR thoughts and ramblings June 30, 2022
    There's no doubt about it Nikon make the best use of their sensor, but having said that the later 24 mp APS-C Canon DSLR's do as well.Thinking back a few years now I had the most wonderful Nikon, the D90, it was a sheer gem and although only 12-mp gave outstanding IQ picture quality, not […]
  • Alpha A-mount System • Re: Back to SLR thoughts and ramblings June 30, 2022
    The 1DX-III has a 0.76x OVF and the D850 has a 0.75x one. I'm not unhappy with a 0.70x. I think the A900 was 0.74xI'd hope Nikon do an updated D850 for their users, incorporate some of the D780 live view AF/video stuff.I just wanted an all rounder, something which is good at multiple things. […]

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September 2007

New Alpha rumours start to fly

With only three days to go before the launch of the new Alpha, rumours of a ‘sneak preview’ press release have appeared on dPreview’s internet forums. Leon van Bommel, writing from Holland, says he has seen a magazine which has a photograph showing the camera with a kit lens marked 16-105mm f/3.5-5.6. Certainly, a more expensive body than the A100 would look out of place wearing the $99 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens which is the only cheap option now.

But a 16-105mm f/3.5-5.6 would be a world first for Sony; no such range has ever been made (for Canon, it would have to be a 15-100mm to be equal in field of view). Also, no-one else has reported in with the same sighting or a scan of the magazine page.

An anonymous (no details, no email) US poster ‘Giligulu’ with a history of just two posts makes, in those posts, unadorned copy-clips of what might be a press release starting with a date of 9/17/2007. In these clips, the camera is claimed to be named the A700, to have a mirror prism not glass; to have no live preview; to be 12 megapixels (already known to be 100 per cent likely) and 5 fps. A sync speed of 1/200 SSS 1/250 non-SSS is claimed, along with a new 11-point CCD based AF system, focus assist light, and twin CF/MS slots. The rear screen specification matches the Nikon VGA screen fitted to the D300.

It is very hard to tell whether these are genuine leaks or just the usual attention-seeking fiction which can hit such discussion groups. Everything I have reported here in the last few weeks has been based on the most plausible intelligence – sites which appear to have some access to specifications, Sony’s internal product codes, filenames applied to Sony official images, and so on. But it is still speculation on a product which as yet has no known name and no pre-released specifications.

Gilgulu’s posts carry no explanation and no warnings that they may be speculation or a wish-list. As for the 16-105mm f/3.5-5.6, it would be great news for Sony as cameras can become big sellers on the strength of more highly specified kit lenses. It seems a little unlikely, but if the CZ can be 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5, then the small extra travel to 105mm at the expense of 2/3rds of a stop in aperture is plausible.

– David Kilpatrick

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